As people, we are often predisposed to think that 'all good things must come to an end,' but if we look at life from a different perspective, it becomes clear that nothing merely ends and disappears without a trace. The pieces of our lives have a lasting effect on our present and future lives, even if some of them must cease to be a part of the living journey.

In fact,  we understand that in order to create and experience the new, we must let some of these old pieces go, no matter how much we will miss them. If we interpret life with this new-found understanding, we discover that the ending of something once cared for is simply a transition into something just as, or even more, meaningful and important to our lives.

We never imagined that what started out as a small midnight blog project would be read on more than 10 computers only one month from its launch. Nor did we imagine that a few months later we would have readers by the tens of thousands all over the world. In search of a higher conceptual standard in the arts, PORTAFOLIO gave a voice to independent creators. Through creative proposals in illustration, photography, fashion, art, design, and even in video, PORTAFOLIO became exactly what it was supposed to be: a portfolio, a collection of greatness ready to see the world.

By collaborating with reputable names in the industry, we were able to discover new artists, deserving of a world stage. Our approach to discovering and exposing these talents was always simple: never stop believing in any one of the artists we had the opportunity to work with. PORTAFOLIO became our portfolio of the collaboration with these talents.

However, a portfolio can only take us so far. Eventually, the work must leave the portfolio and stand on its own.  It is on that thought, that we are closing the case on PORTAFOLIO in order to make a huge push toward every artist's dream. Every creative talent yearns for one of their works to be hung and framed up on a wall; and, it's time that we got our portfolio FRAMED.

Even though PORTAFOLIO will no longer be published, we refuse to say this is the end of its journey. While we are focused now on finding work to get FRAMED, we know that within the work we have been doing with so many great portfolios, we will be able to dedicate much more of our effort in 'framing' the new generation of quality and creative taste makers. This will only get better.

We want to thank all of our wonderful and loyal readers who have been supporting our every effort in discovering new talent. We hope that you enjoyed being part of our growth and we want to thank you for helping us produce a great casting for great portfolio work.

To celebrate this new journey, we would like to cordially invite you to join us for the opening of our new exhibition of FRAMED work this summer. Once again, thank you.

All the best,